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Since its formation in 1949 Skye & Lochalsh C.V.O has worked with its membership of community groups and voluntary organisations, their elected representatives and its Board of Directors and staff to pursue its main aims & objectives.



Skye & Lochalsh C.V.O encourages local community groups to realise their full potential by:-

  • assessing the needs of the community and assisting in articulating and addressing those needs.
  • assisting in the development of organisations and helping them come to terms with changes.
  • providing practical and advisory services including access to training and funding opportunities.
  • enabling and encouraging local people to participate in voluntary work and community affairs.
  • facilitating collaborations between voluntary organisations and statutory authorities on common issues & concerns
  • encouraging public agencies to give support to the voluntary sector


  • to promote the general good of the community of Skye & Lochalsh by assisting the work of statutory bodies and voluntary organisations engaged in advancing education, developing resources, furthering health, relieving proverty, distress, sickness etc.
  • to work with the network of local community councils providing suport and co-ordination alongside statutory bodies.
Skye & Lochalsh C.V.O
Skye & Lochalsh C.V.O


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