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News archive from October 2014
Parts 4 and 5 of nfpSynergy's volunteering report now available

The New Alchemy - mechanics and engagement. Parts 4 and 5 of the nfpSynergy volunteering report look at motivations, engagement and retaining of volunteers. They look at two specific issues: changing volunteering mechanics, and volunteering engagement amongst key demographics.  The information provides groups looking to recruit and retain volunteers an insight into what volunteers are looking for.

29 October 2014

Free video about digital marketing for small charities

Digital marketing for small charities - where do I start? (Video) is produced by Charity Digital News and gives an overview of the main digital tools available for small charities.

29 October 2014

Funding for life-saving defibrillators

Scottish Ambulance Service Public Access Defibrillator Application

21 October 2014

Exploring Social Enterprise Learning Programme.

Free for any Scottish based community group with an interest in tackling climate change

10 October 2014